What’s wrong with Malta?

I’ve been on this rock for 88 days now, so I definitely think I have spent enough time here to be able to make such judgment call, is what I sarcastically say in my head while I write this. However, from an outsider point of view and coming into a new culture you first initially make comparisons with what you know of how things work from your own experiences to generally having an acceptance of your new chosen way of life.

Obviously every place that you live has its positives and negatives, its likes and dislikes, both sides of the coin for all situations. The reason I write this though is I have seen the good way of life, albeit from a bias point of view, but its this bias comparison that I make this judgment call with.

What’s wrong with Malta?

It settles for Mediocrity.

Now let me explain this. The general population here has an acceptance for the status quo, and this status quo that has developed over many years which is now engrained into the culture of the people here; it’s a mentality of acceptance. The laid back culture, whilst being great on a sunny day overlooking the Mediterranean with a beer in hand, also has its detracting feature that that is the be all and end all. It very well may be for some, but for me it isn’t.

An example of such can be seen in the reasoning that people in Malta give to current affair topics. If you scan through the comments on the news sites there is an air of ‘well this will never change’, assumingly because no one will make the effort too. These views are often applied to affairs on infrastructure, politics, crime, sport and the top stories you often see most country’s facing on a day to day basis.

There is a term frequently used here in Malta, ‘only in Malta’, which is a statement used whenever something goes wrong or when you get flabbergasted by reading or seeing something that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.  And unfortunately this fits the bill of what I’m saying here.

I have been able to see potential in certain individuals that I meet, the country itself has potential to be greater than what it currently is, there are people that can expand who they are and achieve a new level of greatness and inspire others, hopefully these people shine and don’t get sucked into this vortex of averageness, I hope I don’t.

Time to get my motivational speaking on.

Who Will Survive in America?


Many of you may recognise this from a song off Kanye West’s album ‘My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy‘, and to be honest, it was this song that introduced me to the works of Gil Scott Heron. Taken in context this is a powerful message of the struggle that one can face in society and the uprising that one needs to face themselves first in order to overcome it, it takes a ‘me against the world’ or ‘underdog’ attitude in order to succeed.

It starts by suggesting that people talk about change but never act upon it, and goes on to discuss the existence and influences of what makes and then becomes of your soul.

To quote Gil, ‘All i want is a good home and a wife, and a children, and some food to feed them every night’, it’s the simple things that we should hold of high importance.

An Eastern attitude in a Western world.


The Meaning of Life….

Yep, my blog is in its infancy and I’m already taking on the big issue.

Bombshell….. I don’t know what the meaning of life is. C’mon peeps, I’m just a 28 year old guy who’s only been in love twice, can count on one hand how many people close to me I’ve lost to God and I shave my chest more frequently the I shave my face.

But I bet I can guess as best about it as the next guy.

Maybe Monty Python got it right when they wrote their meaning of it in their 1983 comedic classic, maybe Echart Tolle got it right when he wrote that It is ‘living like you are about to die but then realizing that you havent‘ , or maybe the band ‘Starfucker’ got it right in their song ‘Mystery Cloud‘, when they sampled Philosopher Alan Watts, who you will recognise from my previous post.

The joy of not knowing the meaning of life is finding it. It’s not a goal that you list in your ‘5 year plan’ and you’ve been pursuing it since you took your first breath how many ever million minutes ago that was. It’s not a formula, nor is it a simple sentence as we are made out to believe. It’s a culmination of things.

It combines the best and worst of life, it is a combination of things, all the moments, nuances, anomalies, subtleties, tragedies, smiles, plus many more loaded adjectives that bewilder my mind right now. This is the fun part, the daily pursuit of it!

Now please, i’m not using this as an opportunity to tell you how to live your life, far from it, it would be unprofound for me to offer you any advice towards your own discovery, or to cliche you with just ‘live every day like it’s your last’.

If you think you know what the meaning of life is or even have an understanding of what it is, then great! Just don’t tell us, all you should do is write it down on a blog alluding to the fact that you have some general idea and then keep living your life as awesomely as you have before you read this…