Born in Malta, raised in Melbourne, now back in Malta, working through and adding to the bucket list.

The hero of this story doesnt need to be saved……. Well i definitely wouldnt if i was Batman, but i’m not, but it would be cool if i was, i’m just short a few million and one Morgan Freeman. And i don’t wear hats, havent since 2010 (except for a hip-hop party or two) and i’m proud of that.

But seriously, we live in a day and age where individualism is wanted, no yearned by all, except it’s only delivered by a select few that value it above conformity to fit in, i was one of those conformists, now happily i’m not. I look forward to sharing my thought on everything, but i do specialise in awesomeness of the field of tunes, movies, football of the round kind and logical, informed current affairs. You wont find me writing about anything that involves the terms ‘lol’, ‘rofl’, ‘lmfao’or ‘imho’, i actually feel dumber and dirtier for even typing that. I will throw in a cliched quote everynow and then, if you don’t like that, i’ll galdly punch you in the face.

Now this website or blog may pass through the corridors of social media not having much, if any, influence on the public, but it will do so in an entertaining and insightful way till its death.

Perfect is what we want, but everything is all i can give you……

My name is Nik Stagno Navarra

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