To Do List

Inspired by the crew from ‘the Buried Life’ and life itself i’ve kept a live bucket list, constantly adding to it for the past year.

It is increasing rather than decreasing, but this is changing.

In no particular order

  • Start a blog   (You’re now reading it)
  • Write a song that gets onto radio
  • Be an extra in a film
  • Meet Steven Gerrard
  • Make a video that goes viral
  • Own a dog
  • Drive an open wheeler racecar
  • Shoot a sniper rifle
  • Drive a rally car
  • Walk the pitch of Anfield   (Quietly sneaked over the rope on a tour of Anfield in 2009)
  • Own a pool table
  • Learn to rid a motorbike
  • Fly in a jet plane
  • Meet Le Bron James
  • Volunteer work in a third world country project
  • Watch every movie from the IMDb top 250

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